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The Truth About Online Reviews Of Real Estate Agents

People with speech bubbles containing stars for online reviews.

Does this story sound familiar? Joesph and Suzette McKinney are heading out for their weekly dinner date. Before leaving, they decide they’d like to try something different this week. Having been to nearly all of the restaurants in their immediate area, they go online to search for the best Italian restaurants within 10 miles; looking for something that isn’t too pricey.

With just a few clicks, they find a place on a popular website that has a perfect five star rating and is at the top of the list. It looks like an easy decision, so they plug the address into their navigation and head that way. Two hours later, after finishing their less than appetizing meals, the couple heads home.

On the way, they can’t help but talk about their poor experience, and they both wonder how others thought the food and service were so great. They run another search from their smartphone to check out a different review site. The feedback on the second website paints a much different picture. These reviews mirror the McKinney’s experience. They’re immediately skeptical of all the positive reviews on the first site they visited.

An online ad for a five star Italian restaurant.

Then they spot it… the “Ad” that appears in small text next to the restaurant name on the first site. This might explain the premium placement and all the great reviews! Unfortunately, this same scenario plays out with businesses in other industries as well… including real...

How To Sell Your Home By Owner - Georgia FSBO Guide

A for sale by owner yard sign with sky background.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would a real estate agent give homeowners (potential clients) advice on how to sell a house without a REALTOR®? Isn’t it my job to convince them that selling with an agent will net them more money and a quicker sale? Shouldn’t I be warning them of all the pitfalls of going it alone, and telling horror stories of for sale by owner (FSBO) transactions gone wrong? After all, how do I make money if homeowners are doing it themselves? Great questions, so let me explain.

There Will Always Be FSBO Sellers

It’s a fact, some people just refuse to hire a real estate agent, and nothing I say will convince them otherwise. I’ve come to accept that, and I understand that it is just part of the business. Most of the time, these are folks looking to save the five to seven percent brokerage fee most agents in Georgia charge to facilitate the transaction. Others may not trust real estate agents… or maybe they’re just the do-it-yourself type.

Whatever the case, I believe they should all have access to the proper resources that will give them the best chance of successfully selling their home. If they’re unsuccessful in doing it on their own, hopefully they’ll remember me when they do decide to hire a real estate agent. Anyway, let’s get started with the for sale by owner guide!

Step 1 - Do Your Homework!

A top selling for sale by owner book written by a successful Realtor.Once...