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Timing The Real Estate Market

Woman in front of graph of housing market trends.

How To Benefit From Market Timing

So you've probably heard the phrase "It's all about timing" right? Well, I think that phrase definitely applies to the real estate market. While not as pronounced as say the stock market, the housing market also has its ups and downs. These ups and downs occur not only over long periods of time, but are also seen throughout any given year, especially during changing seasons.

Knowing what market indicators to look for can help you identify the general direction the market is heading and capitalize on it; whether you're buying, or selling a property.

General Real Estate Trends Over The Years

Despite the bubbles and down markets over the years, the housing market has generally provided a consistent increase in home values across the board, with some areas of the country getting "hotter" at times than others. Until the country experienced one of the largest real estate crashes of all time in 2008, many people assumed the value of their home would continue to increase indefinitely.

Unfortunately, risky lending practices, overbuilding, extreme speculation, and an economic recession put an end to the streak of gains, but home prices have come back strong in most areas of the country since early 2013!

Keeping Up To Date With Current Trends

As a real estate professional that works with home buyers and sellers, I'm constantly keeping an eye on MLS listings and local market trends. Obviously there are tons of other factors that contribute to changes in the market, including: the condition of the overall...

Why You Need A Seller's Home Warranty

Certified one year home warranty provided by the Seller.Home warranties are quite common in Georgia real estate transactions, but they're usually only seen as a benefit to the home buyer. Sellers should be aware that a home warranty can also be very beneficial to them as well.

A seller's home warranty is essentially the same warranty policy buyers get after the purchase of a home, but this one covers the property while it's on the market, then is transferred to the buyer at the time of closing.

Offering a warranty to buyers is not only a great marketing tool, but it could also cover the cost of expensive repairs while the home is being advertised for sale. Here are some additional reasons why you may want to consider enrolling in a warranty when listing your home for sale.

Why Offer A Warranty?


Give Buyers Confidence In Your Home

So you may be asking, why should you as a seller, offer to pay hundreds of dollars for a home warranty that will protect the buyer? Well, why do the makers of cars, televisions and other consumer products offer warranties? Peace of mind! Someone buying a home is making a huge investment, and they usually want to know...