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Group of Atlanta's top real estate closing attorneys.

About Atlanta Real Estate Closing Attorneys

In Georgia, real estate attorneys conduct all closings and must perform dozens of duties before a real estate transaction can be finalized. This is why choosing a great attorney is very important.

Attorneys charge fees to cover the costs of researching the chain of title, preparing closing documents, performing the closing, and recording the transaction with the county. The cost for a standard residential closing varies, but is typically between $400-$800. This may not include fees for the title search, title insurance, recording fees, transfer fees, taxes, bank charges, etc.

Real Estate Closing F.A.Q.’s

1. Who does the real estate closing attorney represent?
2. What does a real estate closing attorney do?
3. Do I need to be present to close?
4. What is power of attorney?
5. What is the GRECAA?

My List Of Top Atlanta Closing Attorneys

I've put together a list of reputable firms that close thousands of transactions each year and are highly regarded throughout the industry. As a top Atlanta real estate agent, I work closely with attorneys like these and others to ensure the closing goes smoothly. The following is my list of the top real estate closing attorneys serving the Metro Atlanta area:


9 Can't Miss Annual Events In The City Of Brookhaven

Family heading to a Brookhaven community event.

Your Guide To Brookhaven's Top Annual Events

Brookhaven, GA is a very community oriented place to live, which is evident by the turnout at local events held throughout the city. Whether you're into great food, a lively social atmosphere, or just like to do a little shopping, there's always something on the calendar in Brookhaven. Great events like these, in addition to a convenient in-town location, has made Brookhaven's housing market one of the hottest in the south.

Brookhaven Bolt

Each May, Brookhaven area residents lace up their jogging shoes and run the Brookhaven Bolt, a charity 5k through Ashford Park. After the race, both racers and attendees alike enjoy sponsor booths, raffles, prizes, and food. Proceeds from the Brookhaven Bolt go to Ashford Park Elementary School and its many programs that benefit both the school and the community.

Brookhaven Arts Festival

The Brookhaven Arts Festival brings more than 10,000 people to the beautiful, tree-lined Apple Valley Road. After taking a short break, the festival returned in 2015 with a rebranded image and fresh ideas, including over 100 artists from all over the United States, food, and live music. The Brookhaven Arts Festival is scheduled for mid-October; what better way is there to spend a cool autumn afternoon?

Brookhaven Beer Fest

Every summer, behind the Brookhaven Marta station, the Brookhaven...

Essential Tools For The First Time Homeowner

A black & white photo of various tools for new homeowners.

The Basic Tools For Every New Homeowner

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make, so the first time you find yourself sitting at a closing table signing the papers will be nerve wracking, naturally. One of the most shocking things that a first time homeowner will experience is the realization that they can no longer call the landlord when something breaks or goes wrong. As a homeowner, if there is a problem, you have to fix it. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of the top tools that a first time homeowner will undoubtedly need.


Whether A-frame or extension, every homeowner needs a ladder. From hanging holiday lights to cleaning gutters, a ladder makes everyday life much easier.

Circular Saw

If you’re like most new homeowners, you have some ideas for projects and home improvements. A circular saw can help with anything from building a new deck to installing new shelving, any project where a hand saw would take too much effort and time.

Cordless Drill

A no-brainer. A good cordless drill will help you hang curtain rods and pictures, construct shelving and DIY pieces, and just about anything else you can think of. As an added bonus, a battery powered drill gives you all the power without struggling with a long cord.


Everyone should have a hammer. Whether you want to be thrifty or buy a quality tool, hammers come in an array of designs, colors, and materials.

Garden Hose

A garden hose is the thing you don’t think of until you need it. Nowadays, you can find garden hoses in a variety of colors and materials. Don’t forget the nozzle and a good storage...