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Real Estate Education & Training

Real estate is a business that is constantly evolving, therefore, its practitioners must do the same. Whether you’re an agent, appraiser or a broker, education and training is essential to a successful career.

Real estate schools offer courses on everything from basic principals to advanced selling techniques, as well as designations & certifications that allow for specialized training in various aspects of the business. Some schools even offer online versions of their training courses, so those with challenging schedules can still take part.

Online Pre-License Courses & Continuing Education (CE)

If you’re looking to get your Georgia real estate license quickly, check out the various pre-license training packages available from our education partners at Real Estate Express. Their online courses give you the flexibility to complete your training when it’s most convenient for you. Unlike classroom courses, you can learn at your own pace, so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind. Best of all, they offer a pass or don’t pay guarantee! This is the fastest and most affordable way to obtain your real estate license in Georgia.

If you’re an agent needing to complete your post-license training or fulfill your 36 hour renewal CE credits, Real Estate Express & McKissock learning have you covered. They offer complete renewal CE packages that include all the license law, ethics training and elective courses needed to renew your real estate license. If you’re only short a couple credit hours, you can simply purchase individual continuing education courses, as needed.

Learn more about the online training courses available from Real Estate Express.

New Agent Training Requirements

Proper education and training are essential because a career in real estate is sink or swim, with most new agents getting out of the business within their first year. For those looking to get started selling real estate, the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) currently requires the completion of a 75 hour pre-license course.

In addition, perspective agents must pass an examination administered by AMP that is approved by the Commission. These are merely the first steps on the path to becoming a top Atlanta real estate agent. For those seeking training with an accredited company, I’ve put together a list of Atlanta’s top real estate schools.

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My List Of Top Real Estate Schools In Atlanta

Metro Brokers Academy

Known as the #1 real estate school in Georgia, the Metro Brokers Academy provides both in-class and online training courses. Additional education for agents is also available. Metro Brokers Academy also offers career tools, such as a real estate simulator, introductory business plan, and an accelerated program. Best of all, there are varying class times, so you’re certain to find classes to fit your busy schedule.

Georgia MLS Real Estate School

The Georgia MLS Real Estate School is for those wishing to become an agent, broker, or appraiser, as well as those looking to get post-licensed and continue their education. With three locations throughout Metro Atlanta, the Georgia MLS Real Estate School is convenient for everyone and ready to educate the next generation of real estate agents.

The Salesperson Pre-license course is offered in two sections, both of which must be successfully completed. Both are offered in person and online. If being a broker is your goal, the Georgia Broker Pre-license is offered, along with admission to the Weekend Cram Course and a reference guide. The entire course is offered online, to be completed at your pace. Finally, if your goal is to be a real estate appraiser, numerous classes are offered.

A unique class that the Georgia MLS Real Estate School offers is the Weekend Cram, an all-inclusive cram class that further prepares you for the agent or broker exam, all for $50. The class will improve your test taking abilities and content knowledge by covering all aspects of the course, including a comprehensive test and evaluation session.

Georgia Institute of Real Estate

Whether you want to become an agent, a broker, continue your education, or receive professional designations, the Georgia Institute of Real Estate is the place for you. Established in 1959, GIRE is a wealth of knowledge that will benefit anyone looking to do anything in the real estate world. Known as the oldest and most widely acclaimed school of real estate in Georgia, GIRE boasts around 16,000 students all across the Atlanta and Georgia region.?

The sales prelicense course offers classes during the day, evening, and weekend, as well as online for those who learn at a different pace or travel too frequently for regular classes. The GIRE prides itself on its student pass rate, which is among the highest in Georgia. If your goal is to be a broker, the classes are much the same, and an additional express class that provides students with a hands-on and interactive education.

The Broker Xpress class allows students to share knowledge and experience, educate themselves on real world real estate problems via case studies, small-group exercises, and simulations. And if you desire to take your career to the next level, take one of the GIRE designation or certification classes, including ABR, ALC, ALHS, CRS, and more.

Atlanta Real Estate Academy

The Atlanta Real Estate Academy, located in Cumming, GA, prides itself on its educational standards and producing professional real estate agents through its program. Quality education is the Atlanta Real Estate Academy’s goal, as well as promoting legal and ethical activities by its graduates.

The Atlanta Real Estate Academy offers pre- and post-license education as well as continuing education, both in the classroom and online. So if you’re in north Georgia and looking to obtain your real estate license or continue your real estate education, the Atlanta Real Estate Academy is the place for you.

Coldwell Banker School of Real Estate

The Coldwell Banker School of Real Estate offers both pre- and post-license classes as well as continuing education for real estate professionals. With classes both in person and online, the Coldwell Banker School of Real Estate is at the forefront of real estate education. Classes are taught by experienced educators, all with years of experience.

Additionally, the Coldwell Banker School of Real Estate is now offering real estate designation courses, with some classes offered online and others in the Home Office Education Center. So if you’re looking to become an agent or just continue your real estate education, why not choose one of the most recognizable names in the real estate world?

Harry Norman Realtors School of Real Estate

One of the most popular real estate brokerages in Georgia, Harry Norman Realtors School of Real Estate offers a traditional classroom setting as well as online. With a plethora of information on their website, as well as classes taught by seasoned professionals, Harry Norman Realtors School of Real Estate offers classes for new salespersons and brokers.

Whether you’re an experienced agent looking to continue your education or a new agent looking to become certified for the first time, Harry Norman Realtors School of Real Estate is the place for you.

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