Home Buyer Video Guides

Starting The Purchase Process
Learn about the first steps you should take when purchasing your next home. Every transaction is different, but these general tips typically apply to the purchase of any home, allowing you to get started on the right foot.
Pre-Qualification & Financing
Loan pre-qualification and financing may be the most important aspect of the home buying process. Learn how to save time, money, and insure your home purchase goes as smooth as possible. Work with an experienced loan officer to get the proper mortgage and close your new home on schedule. Your loan options may include conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and various other programs depending on your lender.
Searching Homes For Sale
Tips for searching and viewing homes for sale. What to expect and look for when entering a home that meets your needs on paper. Understanding Atlanta real estate market trends and establishing home buyer expectations. Finding a home that meets the needs of a particular home buyer.
Making An Offer & Negotiating Terms
Important information on the initial offer process and negotiating terms of the sale. Working closely with your agent to evaluate all aspects of the offer to purchase a home is key. Your agent should determine the value of a home based on comparable properties, allowing for an understanding of the market in that area. Your offer may be met with a counter offer from the seller and negotiations on all aspects of the sale may follow.
Getting To The Closing Table
Many things can go wrong between the time a home goes under contract and closing. Inspections, repairs, more negotiations, financing, insurance, title exams, and more. Learn about the essential steps home buyers should take to insure their purchase goes through without any problems. Also, what to expect when going to closing and after the purchase of a home.
Inspecting A Home For Hazardous Materials
Learn about some of the potentially hazardous materials you should look out for when getting a home inspected.
Well vs City Water & Septic vs Sewer
In this video licensed contractor explains to you the difference between well versus city water, as well as, septic vs sewer systems. If you’re in the market of purchasing a new home, here are some key differences between choosing a home with well or city water.
Inspecting A Home's Walls, Ceilings, & Floors
Inspecting a home’s walls, ceilings and floors on your own can be useful in assessing their current state and for targeting possible maintenance requirements. Though cosmetic problems on walls and ceilings such as small cracks or holes are easily fixed, larger cracks or sloping walls may indicate serious structural problems that warrant further action.
Checking A Home For Mold Growth
Inspecting a home for mold is highly suggested if there's been water damage in the house, or even if you just smell a musty odor. Mold can cause health problems and should not be taken lightly. In this video, licensed contractor, Brian Kelsey, discusses the key signs to look for when checking for mold in a home.
Inspecting A Home's Roof
A roof protects the home from the elements, and can be costly to repair or replace. In today's video, a licensed contractor covers some of the things you'll want to look for when inspecting the roof of a potential home.
Quick Tip: Choosing The Right Home
Today's video covers some of the things you should consider when choosing a home to buy. You'll want to consider stuff like: your family's future needs, the features you want, and what you truly need in a home.
Quick Tip: Choosing A Community
When buying a home, choosing the right neighborhood is a major consideration for most families. Researching communities is a snap using the neighborhood search tool on the Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate website.
Quick Tip: Choosing Your Real Estate Agent
Your real estate agent will be your guide through the home buying process. A process that can be very challenging at times. Finding the right agent is important, because a great agent can save you valuable time and money. Here are a few tips for finding the right real estate agent.
Finding The Right Sofa For Your Home
Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member and interior design expert Jennifer Adams talks about what you should consider when buying a new sofa, or moving a sofa into your new home.
Thinking Outside The Floorplan
When buying a new home, it's okay to think outside the blueprint box. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member and lifestyle expert Carolina Buia shares some tips for re-purposing a room.
Live A Little After Moving In
Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member and lifestyle expert Carolina Buia explains why it's important to take some time to live in your new home, before starting major projects on the house.
What To Look For In A Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home, so make sure you find one that fits you! Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Dream Team member and lifestyle expert Carolina Buia shares some simple tips for finding the kitchen of your dreams.
Credit Considerations When Buying A Home
Your credit score and debt-to-income ratio are important factors in your ability to obtain a home mortgage. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent Krystal Woy discusses the importance of thinking twice before purchasing any high priced items while waiting for your home loan to be approved.
What's Included In Your Mortgage Payment?
When determining your budget for a new home, it's important to factor in all the components of your monthly mortgage payment. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent Krystal Woy discusses how to calculate the total cost of monthly mortgage payments, including: principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Ignoring Ugly Paint & Carpet Choices
Things like paint colors and flooring options can easily be changed, so don't let them prevent you from buying an otherwise perfect home. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent Krystal Woy discusses how simple updates and renovations can enhance the appearance of your potential dream home.
Top 5 Mistakes Buyers Make
Today's video covers the top five mistakes homebuyers make when purchasing a home, which include: not setting a proper budget, failing to get pre-approved by a lender, not reaching neighborhoods enough, failing to consider resale value, and purchasing the most expensive home in the neighborhood.
How Much Home Can You Afford?
Pre-qualifying with a lender will tell you how much the bank will loan you, but it's also a good idea to determine a realistic budget that you're comfortable with. In addition to your monthly mortgage payment, you should also factor in the cost of furnishing your new home, maintenance expenses, as well as utilities.
Inspecting A Home's Plumbing System
Buying a home with tons of plumbing issues can not only be expensive to repair, but could also result in additional damage in the event of a catastrophic failure. Knowing the problem signs to look for can go a long way to helping you avoid placing an offer on a home that has major problems with its plumbing.
Do you really need a real estate agent when buying a home?
Most people know that homes can be listed and sold without a seller’s agent (about 8% each year are), but is it possible to buy without an agent? Of course it is! The question is, should you? In some cases, YES! Depending on your personality type and your experience level when it comes to real estate transactions, you may or may not a REALTOR® representing you.